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Commissioned by Mamazone Südtirol

Motion Design by Veronica Carli

Patchwork Body #1

‘Patchworkbodies’ unites fine arts, dance, music and film. Five short dance movies and a contemporary dance choreography developed from a process of the exchange between artists. The paintings of Sabine Auer were the starting point of the creative journey. Bodies in pieces, cut open. The sewed and scarred bodies give space to associations and let the bodies speak about enclosed emotions. The tormented and cricked joints show the disturbed relationship between the self-image and the loss of identity. There are no faces. The human is defined by the body.

Idea/Direction: Martina Marini
Choreography: Martina Marini in collaboration with the Performers
Dancers: Santija Bieza, Eleonora De Maio, Anastasia Kostner, Tania Ottavi, Evelyn Petruzzino
Drawings: Sabine Auer
Music: Manuela Kerer
Direction/ camera/ editing/ video art concept: Maarten van der Glas

Costumes: Tanzschmiede/fucinadanza
With special thanks to: Irmtraud Filippi und Arabesque, Mertz Ideas, Theater in der Altstadt, Erwin Seppi, Peter Gobbi, Karl Illmer vom Verdinser Hof, Matthias Egger, Stadtgemeinde Meran
With support by Autonome Provinz Bozen – Amt für Deutsche Kultur, Stiftung Südtiroler Sparkasse, Autonome Region Trentino-Südtirol

Patchwork Body #2

Patchwork Body #3

Patchwork Body #4

Patchworkbody #5

Manuela Kerer speaks about music, composing, ordered jokes and humour

Manuela Kerer composer